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Wayne T. Smith Receives FAH’s Mike Bromberg Lifetime Achievement Award

Wayne T. Smith, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Community Health Systems, was honored with the Federation of American Hospitals’ Mike Bromberg Lifetime Achievement Award at its conference earlier this week.

Wayne is a three-time chair of the FAH board and a pillar of the health care industry.

Wayne has been CEO of Community Health Systems for more than 20 years, dedicating more than four decades to the health care sector. He has always been focused on greatly improving health services and patient care in communities across America.

During Wayne’s time at the helm of CHS, he has been committed to clinical and operational excellence in the delivery of accessible, safe, high-quality and compassionate care for millions of people. He has also built the company into one of the nation’s largest health care systems, which also contributes to communities through economic development, significant capital investments, and as a major employer.

Wayne has also been named one of Modern Healthcare’s 100 Most Influential People in Health Care since the inception of that prestigious list.

Wayne reflects many qualities with the namesake of the award he was given. Mike Bromberg, who led the Federation for 25 years, stood for a commitment to quality health care and access to hospitals for all Americans.

We in the FAH community sincerely congratulate Wayne T. Smith on receiving this much-deserved award.