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New Episode: Making the Rounds – Celebrating Stories of Extraordinary Care

COVID-19 changed almost everything about our lives, but through it all, one thing stayed the same – the dedication of frontline health workers. They courageously cared for hundreds of thousands of patients at hospitals from coast to coast.

To highlight those extraordinary stories, we are starting a new Hospitals In Focus series called Making the Rounds that will focus on these everyday heroes making an impact in their hospital and in their community.

From doctors and nurses to techs and support staff, during the pandemic and beyond, each guest plays an important role in our lifesaving mission. You not only learn about the jobs they do but also what inspires and surprises them daily. 

We look forward to bringing you these stories on a regular basis.

For our inaugural episode we are talking to Registered Nurse – Roxanna Hinojosa or Roxy as she’s known at Mission Regional Medical Center in South Texas. Click here to listen.