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National Immunization Awareness Month

August is National Immunization Awareness Month. Each year, FAH recognizes the importance of protecting people of all ages against preventable diseases through on-time vaccination.

A report released earlier this year found that vaccines against 10 major diseases prevented 37 million deaths between 2000 and 2019 in low- and middle-income countries worldwide, with young children benefiting most.

Due to the pandemic, many postponed or canceled appointments where vaccines would have been administered – especially children. As they head back to the classroom full-time it is vitally important for them to have regular checkups and make sure their inoculations are up to date.

Immunization Awareness Month is a reminder of how important it is to get a COVID-19 vaccination – particularly as the highly contagious Delta variant continues to spread in our communities.  It’s critical that eligible people get vaccinated to protect your health and the health of those around you. 

To learn more about COVID-19 vaccination, check out the following websites:

With the emergence of new COVID-19 strains, it’s vital we protect ourselves and our neighbors. #GetVaxxed today!