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The Federation of American Hospitals represents leading tax-paying hospitals & health care systems to advance public policy, ensuring patients & communities have access to high-quality & affordable health care


An America in which every patient receives the right health care when & where they need it.

Who Is FAH?

The Federation of American Hospitals’ 1,000+ hospitals are a lifeline for patients in communities coast to coast.
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High-quality & affordable health services across the care continuum


Establishing a Culture of Quality Care with David Dill

Innovation in health care isn’t just high-tech, at LifePoint Health, it’s also “high-touch”. David Dill, President and CEO, spoke with Chip about how the company became a leader in high quality health care by establishing a culture of quality care in its hospitals. David discusses their new dyad leadership model which breaks down organization silos and enhances collaboration and coordination.

Comprehensive health coverage

FAH members have long fought for the ACA to meet its expectations of providing universal access to coverage for all Americans.

Building Upon the ACA to Achieve Universal Coverage

The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a transformational achievement for the American people and the health care industry as a whole. The law put forth a path to universal coverage and protected Americans with pre-existing conditions.

Patient choice of provider & care setting


Getting back to Life: The Growing Demand for Post-Acute Care with Al Dobson

Thanks to advances in health care, people are living longer, healthier and happier lives than ever before. And that means patients are spending time recovering at post-acute care settings. In this episode, Chip speaks with Al Dobson, one of the foremost health economists and an expert in post-acute care. They took a deep dive into the different kinds of care settings including Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities, Skilled Nursing Facilities, home health and long term acute care hospitals and what each of these mean for patients.

Around the clock emergency services & essential crisis response

In the Eye of the Storm: FAH Members Emergency Services & Crises Response

FAH member hospitals are always prepared to help communities in natural or manmade disasters, they stand ready to provide emergency care 24 hours a day, seven days a week 365 days a year.

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Mike Wargo Discusses How Hospitals are Preparing for Emergencies

From natural disasters to human tragedies, community hospitals have to be ready for anything and everything. Health care and hospitals especially have a role in every disaster that faces our country. In this episode, HCA Healthcare’s Mike Wargo, VP of Enterprise Preparedness and Emergency Operations sits with Chip in their brand new Emergency Operations Center in Nashville, TN. They discuss how hospitals are preparing for everything from major weather events like Hurricane Michael to man-made disasters like electrical grid failures. After our original conversation with Mike in August, two major storms hit the US so we reached out to him again to talk about HCA Healthcare’s response. Those stories of incredible cooperation are included in this episode.

Fair & competitive payment for health care services


Tax-paying hospitals contributing to community needs

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Major employers boosting local economies


Market-based solutions that put patients first


Improving Care, Saving Lives with Artificial Intelligence with Dr. Jim Jirjis

How is AI being used in hospitals? Are robots doing surgery? Is my doctor still providing my care? Chip speaks with Dr. Jim Jirjis, Chief Health Information Officer at HCA Healthcare, to answers these questions and more! Hear Dr. Jirjis explain how the “nudge” provided by AI is helping providers save lives by making sure patients are receiving the right care at the right time.

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Ron Rittenmeyer Discusses How Hospitals are Changing the Continuum of Care

Right care, right time, right place – it’s something that Ron Rittenmeyer, Executive Chairman and CEO of Tenet Healthcare thinks about a lot. Hospitals are changing and patients have more options than ever on where they want to receive care. In this episode, Chip dives in with Ron on why Tenet Healthcare is focusing on the new ways they are able to deliver care to patients. Free standing emergency departments, outpatient departments, and urgent care centers are filling needs in communities coast to coast because like Ron says, not everything needs to be done at a hospital. Listen in to find out how hospitals are integrating these settings into the continuum of care for patients and raising the quality of care in the process.