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Milton Johnson Receives FAH’s Mike Bromberg Lifetime Achievement Award

The Federation of American Hospitals was honored to give its Mike Bromberg Lifetime Achievement Award to HCA’s Milton Johnson Monday morning during the FAH Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Presenter Ron Rittenmeyer, Chairman of the Federation of American Hospitals gave the award to Mr. Johnson.

Milton retired as HCA’s CEO at the end of 2018, and still serves on the company’s board. He started at HCA back in 1982 and served as the Federation’s Chairman in 2017. His dynamic leadership of FAH has enabled a seamless transition to the all CEO Board that the Federation has today.

During Milton’s long and distinguished career, he came to be recognized as one of the most influential figures in the health care sector.  Johnson devoted his professional life to the nation’s health care delivery system. 

Among his notable achievements – leading HCA’s efforts to advance clinical quality throughout its hospitals. By using data from its tens of millions of patient encounters annually, HCA has identified leading clinical practices, which help to continually improve care and save lives.

Johnson has always represented the investor-owned hospital community with distinction, and there is no doubt that Milton has earned the great respect of his colleagues. He is a wise voice who has made our industry better through his knowledge, experience and understanding of the intersection of the health care, policy and politics. Health care and the very lives of millions of rural Americans have been improved by Milton’s leadership and vision.

Milton is also a valued member of his community, giving generous amounts of time and support to various charitable causes. The Nashville area and health care in America today are better for the contributions that Milton has made.

FAH President and CEO Chip Kahn offered his personal congratulations to Milton, saying “he brought leadership and wisdom to his time at the helm of HCA. I want to add to his legacy the unique role he played for the Federation in the last few years. We owe so much to him because his guidance was key to achieving our new governance structure.”

Please join us in sincerely congratulating Milton Johnson on receiving this much-deserved award.