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Medicare for All is “ill-advised and unnecessary” – FAH Statement on House Single-Payer Hearing

“Complicated,” “challenging,” “disruptive,” and “substantial changes for all participants” – words that cannot be ignored from CBO officials at today’s House Budget Committee hearing on a single-payer health care system.

Medicare for All repeals the ACA, it repeals employer-based health insurance, it repeals Medicare, it repeals Medicaid and throws millions of kids off the insurance they have today. It will force patients into an untested system that will disrupt care for every American.

Medicare for All, a public option and Medicare Buy-in plans are all ill-advised and unnecessary to achieve the common goal of ensuring better, more affordable coverage. Instead, we hope Congress will refocus on real-world policies – like stabilizing the Affordable Care Act – that will increase options and affordability for tens of millions of American families.