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Hospital Week 2020: Honoring Our Health Care Heroes – from a Safe Social Distance

This year’s National Hospital Week feels different. As caregivers fight to defeat COVID-19, the gratitude and appreciation we have for hospitals on the front lines has reached new heights.

Now more than ever the nation is getting a glimpse of what hospitals mean to communities and experiencing the true meaning of service.

During National Hospital Week 2020, which runs from May 10th – May 16th, FAH and our member companies salute all those who work in and around the more than 5,000 community hospitals across the country.

We are in awe of the care and compassion displayed by the dedicated physicians, nurses, therapists, clinicians, engineers, environmental service teams, food service workers, volunteers, administrators and others who keep hospitals operating all day, every day to care for anyone who walks through their doors.

This year we are teaming up with our colleagues at the American Hospital Association (AHA) for a “Week of Thanks.” This is an opportunity for everyone to salute the health care heroes who are battling the pandemic – but do it from a safe social distance. Each day presents an opportunity to say thank you and then share your action on social media using #HospitalWeek so you can make sure front-line workers see it!

Opportunities include:

Send-a-Meal Monday: Provide a Meal to a Local Health Care Hero (or their family)

Help feed a local health care worker, or their family, as they work to fight COVID-19. Donate to one of these organizations or send food via one of these delivery services.

Tune In Tuesday: Hit Shuffle and Show us Your Dance Moves

Promote a motivational or positive Spotify playlist and share clips of people or health care workers dancing to it (or any music). Use #HospitalWeek in all your posts.

#WednesdayWisdom: Join this Social Trend to Share a Message of Positivity

Share a funny meme, an inspirational quote or a simple thank you to front line caregivers. Use #WednesdayWisdom and #HospitalWeek in your posts.

Thank You Thursday: Share Pics of Chalk Art (or any art!) Thanking Health Care Heroes

Draw positive messages and share pics with #HospitalWeek – Not an artist yourself? RT and help share other people’s artwork.

Face Mask Friday: Show us how you Mitigate the Spread of Germs with Your Face Mask

Share pictures of your face masks (health care workers can share pictures wearing their PPE) with #HospitalWeek.

The important role of community hospitals cannot be overstated. We recognize the hard work and dedication of everyone who makes sure they are open for patients 27/7/365 and say THANK YOU!