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HHS’ Swift Release of Funding for Hot-Spots Appreciated but “Job Isn’t Done”

WASHINGTON – FAH President and CEO Chip Kahn released the following statement in response to HHS’ announcement it will be disbursing resources next week from the Provider Relief Fund to COVID “hot spot” hospitals and rural providers:

“Our patients and caregivers appreciate the speed at which HHS has provided needed resources to the COVID-19 front lines to keep hospitals going. The HHS response to the crisis in size and scope is unprecedented and the commitment of the administration to support America’s hospitals and our patients speaks volumes.       

“However, the job isn’t done. The latest GDP decline in health care and hospital spending shows that this critical part of the economy, which is the lifeblood of America, remains deeply stressed. Looking forward to the next distributions from the Provider Relief Fund, we hope HHS will target the significant losses experienced by providers in lower impact COVID-19 areas. To prep for and fend off the virus, state and local officials have required these facilities to significantly reduce or even shutter most of their services. We will need that help from the Fund to get going again.”