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FAH Urges Congress to Replenish The Provider Relief Fund, Releases Issue Brief Highlighting “Operational Headwinds” Facing Hospitals

WASHINGTON – The Federation of American Hospitals today urged Congress to replenish The Provider Relief Fund with an additional $100 billion. FAH also released a new issue brief produced in conjunction with FTI Consulting that highlights the critical nature of our nation’s hospital finances and the potential lasting effects that the COVID-19 pandemic could have on communities across the country:

“Congress must act again to protect Americans’ hospital care during this unprecedented crisis. It is time for lawmakers to join together and enact a new measure that replenishes The Provider Relief Fund with an additional $100 billion.

“The infusion of funds for providers from the CARES Act is a start, but unfortunately nowhere near enough. Swift action is necessary to ensure that our nation’s caregivers can continue to serve all the patients who depend on them every day.

“A new issue brief released today by FAH in conjunction with FTI Consulting reinforces the need for Congressional action to replenish the Provider Relief Fund. It documents the overwhelming operational headwinds currently facing America’s hospital. Not only do hospitals face the high cost of caring for COVID-19 patients, but they are also struggling to keep their doors open because of the cancellation of most other procedures and diagnostics and the growing cost of uncompensated care as the recession deepens.

“As the report states: ‘These extraordinary pressures are putting hospitals, particularly in rural areas, at increased risk of closure. Absent swift federal intervention, many of these hospitals may never reopen and communities may lose access to vital services.’

“Congress must act quickly to protect hospitals before these dire warnings become a grim reality.”

You can find the complete issue brief here.