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FAH “Strongly Supports” the Updated Heroes Act

WASHINGTON – FAH President and CEO Chip Kahn released the following statement after the release of the updated Heroes Act:

“The pandemic is far from over; our nation needs more help from Congress. The updated Heroes Act will provide the aid needed for all Americans – particularly patients and caregivers – to weather the COVID-19 crisis and FAH strongly supports the bill for this reason. 

“With its eye towards defeating the virus, this legislation includes vital ongoing assistance to health care providers with a further replenishment of the Provider Relief Fund and to states through an increase in the federal match to Medicaid programs. It also gives the newly unemployed access to subsidized health coverage; contains important initiatives to support COVID testing; and provides for vaccine development, procurement and distribution. Plus, this bill establishes a program to make PPE available to protect essential workers.

“We are hopeful the updated Heroes Act will provide the foundation for the Congress and the Administration to find a compromise in the next few days that will further support our efforts to meet the current challenge.”

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