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FAH Reacts to Public Option Plans

FAH President and CEO Chip Kahn released the following statement about the public option:

“We have long believed assuring all Americans access to affordable, quality health care coverage is job one.

“After over a decade of political controversy, the Affordable Care Act is beginning to get the necessary support to meet this critical goal – and it is working with more than a million Americans gaining coverage since the Biden Administration opened a Special Enrollment Period.

“Now is the time for lawmakers to keep their eye on the ball so the aspiration of the law can become a reality. Congress should focus on making new ACA subsidies permanent, incentivizing states to expand Medicaid, and finding a way to lower skyrocketing drug prices.

“We look forward to working with Chair Murray and Chair Pallone as well as other Congressional leaders on these important issues.”

“Now is not the time for us to become embroiled in debates over issues like public option. It would be a mistake to allow such distractions to stand in the way of enacting legislation that sets the pathway to all Americans having the health coverage and health care security that all of us deserve and should expect.”