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FAH Reacts to Biden’s Budget Proposal

FAH President and CEO Chip Kahn released the following statement after reviewing President Biden’s budget proposal:

“The President gets it right, as it says in his budget, ‘Families need the financial security and peace of mind that comes with quality, affordable health coverage.’

“The Affordable Care Act provides the most effective roadmap to reach that aspiration. Proof that it works can be found in the recent surge in enrollment.

“There are important proposals in the budget that will continue to fuel this success, including making new ACA subsidies permanent, incentivizing states to expand Medicaid, and exploring ways to lower skyrocketing drug prices. While policies like the public option and lowering the Medicare eligibility age are just political distractions that come with increased costs and potential limitations to access to care – both of which could be dislocating to the ACA framework that works.

“The release of this budget is the just the beginning of the process and we look forward working with the Biden Administration and Congress on the important goals of increasing affordable coverage options and investing in America’s health care.”