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FAH, Other Express Concern about Infrastructure Deal Pay-Fors

Today, FAH signed on to a letter expressing concerns about potential offsets that were included in the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework released last week. FAH noted its opposition to the use of an extension of mandatory sequestration, as well as unspent COVID-19 provider relief funds, as financing sources for any infrastructure package.

The letter reminded the members of Congress that hospitals are committed to caring for patients during this difficult moment in history, and how these challenges will remain for the length of the public health emergency and beyond. The letter also thanked Congress for recognizing that hospitals and health systems needed relief from the Medicare sequester cut during the pandemic and for extending the suspension of the 2 percent cut through the end of this year. The letter concluded by highlighting that hospitals cannot sustain additional Medicare cuts and that Medicare funds should not be used to pay for roads and bridges. 
Read the letter here.