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FAH Leader Refutes NNU Accusations

FAH President and CEO Chip Kahn released the following statement in reaction to recent accusations from National Nurses United:

“National Nurses United must be experiencing a different reality than the rest of us. All over the country stressed frontline caregivers, including nurses, are performing valiantly in the face of an ongoing tragedy. But the truth is these heroes are in short supply.

“Hospitals are doing everything possible to make sure we are providing the best care for every patient who comes through our doors seeking treatment. Our facilities are meeting the challenge to ensure we are properly staffed and that caregivers have the necessary protective equipment and supplies. 

“But, to deny the headwinds we are facing with staffing reflects a regrettable lack of understanding of the unimaginable stresses the COVID-19 pandemic continues to place on caregivers, hospitals and the patients that depend on us.”