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FAH Leader Reacts to Tulsa Shooting: “Hospitals are pillars of our communities, they shouldn’t be crime scenes”

FAH President and CEO Chip Kahn released the following statement regarding shooting at Saint Francis Health System in Tulsa:

“The shooting yesterday at Saint Francis Health System in Tulsa comes on the heels of the recent horrific attacks in several cities, including last week’s heartbreaking school attack in Uvalde. Enough is enough. This must stop. Hospitals are pillars of our communities – the places people rush to when they need help, they shouldn’t be crime scenes. Patients and caregivers deserve to feel safe and secure when they enter our nation’s medical centers. Access to hospitals, schools, and other vital, everyday institutions must be protected by attending to the core causes of these violent acts. 

“As we mourn the loss of more victims to another senseless shooting, it is mission critical for Congress to act now. We hope the bipartisan negotiations happening on Capitol Hill will result in legislation that will have a real impact on the scourge of gun violence.”