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FAH Statement | Medicare | COVID-19 | Chip Kahn

FAH Leader Reacts to Release of Continuing Resolution

FAH President and CEO Chip Kahn released the following statement after text of the Continuing Resolution was released this morning:

“Right now, we are facing high rates of COVID-19 hospitalizations in many parts of the country, an uncertain COVID and flu season, and the challenge of a new, potentially more contagious variant. At the same time, there is a critical and growing workforce crisis with hospitals struggling to keep sufficient numbers of nurses and other health professionals on the front lines. So, it is disappointing that the Continuing Resolution does not address the Statutory Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGO) sequester or prevent other devastating cuts in Medicare payments for beneficiary care.

“It is mission critical that Congress find a pathway to stop the PAYGO cuts, as well as extend the moratorium on the 2% Medicare sequester and prevent other damaging provider cuts. This relief is essential to ensure, for our patients, that hospitals have the resources necessary to serve our communities as they expect and deserve.”