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FAH Leader Reacts to House Passage of Build Back Better Act

FAH President and CEO Chip Kahn released the following statement after the House passed the Build Back Better Act:

“The Build Back Better Act (BBB) passed by the House advances critically important health care coverage policies. FAH has long advocated for ensuring all Americans affordable coverage. We commend and strongly support the BBB’s enhanced ACA subsidies and the bill’s use of the ACA framework to close the Medicaid coverage gap in non-expansion states. Together, these policies ensure that millions of American families will have the meaningful health coverage they need and deserve.

“At the same time, we adamantly oppose the proposed cuts to Medicaid Disproportionate Share Hospital (DSH) and uncompensated care payments. These reductions will fail to motivate non-expansion states to expand Medicaid, and will adversely impact access to care for millions of Americans in these states. We urge Congress to strike these proposed cuts from any future iteration of the bill.

“FAH looks forward to working with Congress in the days ahead to strengthen and improve the legislation to ensure that hospitals have the resources necessary – including a robust workforce – to serve their patients and communities now and into the future.”