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Sarah Aillon

FAH Leader Advocates for Rural Health in Recent Modern Health Op-Ed

Chip Kahn, FAH President and CEO, recently co-wrote an op-ed in Modern Healthcare, outlining the actions Congress must take to advance rural health.  

With a recent survey finding 46% of remaining rural hospitals were operating with negative margins in 2021, the need to support rural health remains ever-pressing. The article advocates for the extension of Medicare Dependent Hospital (MDH) and Low-Volume Hospital (LVH) designations, set to expire December 16. 

“While the height of the pandemic is behind us, the needs of these small community hospitals remain. It is vital for lawmakers to step up again, this time to stop nearly $2 billion in cuts by the end of the year that could lead to more closures,” urges Kahn. 

“These programs were created to ensure the nearly 700 qualifying rural hospitals can continue to provide much needed services in their communities by better reflecting the actual costs of providing care in rural areas–where patients are more likely to be older, poorer and sicker than those in urban areas. If lawmakers don’t act before the end of the year, rural caregivers could face a $600 million annual shortfall.” 

Click here his op-ed.