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FAH Launches New Podcast – Hospitals In Focus with Chip Kahn

Chip Kahn, President and CEO of the Federation of American Hospitals brings more than 40 years of experience in the health care field to his new podcast, Hospitals In Focus with Chip Kahn.

The podcast shines a light on what’s happening in community hospitals across the country as he explores the latest in advancements in patient care with our nation’s leading health experts.

Chip speaks with Stuart Altman, health care economist and professor at Brandeis University, for the first two episodes launching October 15th and 22nd. In episode one, they discuss the origins of the modern hospital – from past to present. Part two of their discussion looks forward to the future of hospitals and the role they will play in an ever changing health care system. 

He then dives in to how hospitals are using big data to improve patient care by utilizing algorithms and artificial intelligence. Dr. Jonathan Perlin from HCA Healthcare talks about how this technology is driving advances in childbirth, sepsis, and MRSA on the episode premiering October 29th.

Health care, and hospitals specifically, have a part in responding to every disaster both natural and man made. Mike Wargo from HCA Healthcare speaks with Chip about how hospitals are preparing for everything from electrical grid failures to hurricanes on the episode premiering November 5th.

Your health care shouldn’t depend on what zip code you live in. Chip talks to Bill Carpenter of LifePoint Health about how they are bringing high quality care to rural communities across the country. Listen to Chip’s conversation with Bill on November 12th.

Look for new episodes to launch on Mondays on Apple PodcastsGoogle Play and fah.org.