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FAH Joins Release of Consumer Access to Data White Paper

FAH joined with 11 health care provider, health insurer and patient organizations to release a white paper entitled Health IT Leadership Roundtable: Future of Interoperability and Secure Consumer Access to Health Care Data.

The paper summarizes key perspectives raised during the January 2020 Roundtable event, including recommendations for advancing interoperability and consumer access to health care data. The recommendations include:

  • Education and Engagement – the need for educational efforts to help clinicians and patients better understand HIPAA, including the differences between HIPAA and non-HIPAA-covered entities (such as third-party apps) and notice and consent policies
  • Privacy and Security – the need to establish a public-private partnership to review privacy and security policies for third-party apps and a create a star-rating, or some other indicator, of the app's commitment to privacy and security; the need to establish a data privacy structure that ensures health data is protected outside of HIPAA; and the need for stronger compliance mechanisms for non-HIPAA-covered entities
  • Data Sharing and Interoperability – the need to strengthen consumer discrimination protections related to downstream or secondary uses of data; and the need for funding to support standards development for priority data elements and use cases.

The other organizations in addition to FAH to sign onto the white paper include American Academy of Family Physicians; American College of Physicians; American Health Information Management Association; American Heart Association; American Hospital Association; American Medical Informatics Association; Blue Cross Blue Shield Association; College of Healthcare Information Management Executives; Consumer Technology Association; National Partnership for Women & Families and Premier.

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