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Surprise Billing | FAH Policy Blog Team

Chip Kahn Speaks on Capitol Hill Panel to End Surprise Billing

group Physicians for Fair Coverage entitled “Ending Surprise Billing.”

Chip was part of a panel discussion where he focused his remarks on protecting patients from surprise bills, saying “hospitals very strongly support the patient protections in all of the legislation.” He added, “we feel strongly that there are issues but not the justification of government intervention into those relationships.” Chip also stated that once the patient is protected, when it comes to determining payment between insurers and providers, negotiation works in most cases, pointing to arbitration as a good fallback.

The event began with speeches from Congressman Joseph Morelle (D-NY) and Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) on the different surprise billing legislation proposals being discussed on Capitol Hill. Chip spoke from the hospital perspective on a panel that included Melissa Williams of the National Patient Advocate Foundation, Sherif Zaafran of Physicians for Fair Coverage and Scott Behrens of Lockton Companies.

To watch the full Ending Surprise Billing panel click here.