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House Budget Proposal Released

March 17, 2015 | Chip Kahn

Category: Legislation, Medicare

The House Budget Committee’s FY2016 Budget proposal released today raises major concerns for patients and the hospitals who serve them.

Hospitals already are bearing the burden of $122 billion in cuts imposed since 2010.  These cuts are contributing to the lowest hospital Medicare margin in history, projected to be negative 9 percent this year.  Cuts of this magnitude threaten our ability to provide seniors with the care and services they expect and deserve.

The Committee’s proposal adds insult to injury by further repealing the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) coverage expansions for the uninsured while retaining more than $320 billion in ACA hospital Medicare cuts.

Further, the budget proposal poses challenges for vulnerable Americans and those providers and clinicians who care for them by assuming revisions in the Medicaid program which would result in significant cuts in payment and services. The safety net simply cannot sustain cuts of the magnitude proposed in this budget.

Enough is enough.

The Committee’s goals of strengthening our economy and balancing the federal budget over time are admirable, but these goals need to account for the deep cuts that have already been made to those whom so many Americans depend on for their health care.

As the proposal advances, we urge the Committee and the full House to improve the budget in ways that enable hospitals to continue meeting our mission of serving all patients, especially to seniors and America’s most vulnerable citizens.