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HHS Roadmap Will Advance Flow of Useful Patient Information

February 02, 2015 | Chip Kahn

Category: Health Care Delivery, HIT

The prospects for the healthcare Americans receive is improved by the release of the HHS draft national roadmap to achieve the free flow of patient information regardless of the setting in which care is provided.  If HHS’s roadmap -- Connecting Health and Care for the Nation – is implemented, clinicians, hospitals and other providers will have better access to useful information to bring to bear on diagnosis, treatment and follow-up and patients and caregivers will be better informed.

The roadmap addresses the pertinent technical, legal, commercial and cultural challenges that historically have impeded the free flow of information between the various settings in which patients receive care.

The steps outlined by HHS create a critical pathway to achieving interoperability, but HHS and providers cannot achieve these goals alone.  The vendor community must bring HIT products to market that have the capability to allow data needed for care to seamlessly follow the patient across care settings. Hospitals are committed to working with HHS and our private sector partners in this important national effort.