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FAH Submits Request for Information Letter on AI

Today, FAH responded to a request for information on Artificial Intelligence (AI) in health care, issued by Representative Bera (D-CA), a cofounder of the Health Care Innovation Caucus, and member of the bipartisan House Task Force on AI. The FAH provided key recommendations for consideration of AI with regard to implementation; efficacy, accuracy, and transparency; ethical and regulatory considerations; and other considerations related, including, for example:

  • When considering AI tools in health care, it is important to understand how the technology is defined.
  • Commercial AI tool developers must evaluate and mitigate the risk of bias in their tools and communicate testing results and any needed cautions to their customers.
  • It is important to balance transparency and risk management approaches to AI with innovation and the risk of unnecessary burden.
  • Standardized definitions should be developed by a body with appropriate expertise and processes through consultation with stakeholders, including health care providers.
  • A national privacy standard that preempts all state privacy laws that apply to protected health information (PHI) is the best approach for PHI and personal health data outside of HIPAA.  

Read the full letter here.