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FAH Comments on EPM Cancellation Proposed Rule

October 16, 2017 | FAH Policy Blog Team

Category: Health Care Delivery, Medicare

FAH sent comments to CMS today supporting the agency’s decision to cancel the Episode Payment Models (EPM), and encouraging the Agency to make additional changes to the Comprehensive Care for Joint Replacement Model (CJR).

CMS’s reasoning for cancelling the EPMs falls largely in line with FAH’s comments when the models were originally proposed. The Federation and other stakeholders pointed out that the “models contain many design flaws that undermine their success.”

Also in the letter, the Federation expressed appreciation for CMS’s proposed scaling back of the CJR mandatory participation areas and encouraged the agency to make it and other CMMI models voluntary.

Ultimately, FAH does not believe that the law authorizes CMS to “mandate mandatory participation in any CMMI models.”

The letter also contains more detail on additional areas where FAH believes CMS could improve CJR.

You can find the complete letter here.