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FAH Announces 2024 Heartbeat of Healthcare Award Winner 

ORLANDO: The Heartbeat of Healthcare Award for Suppliers was presented to STAQ Pharma Monday at the FAH Annual Conference and Business Exposition in Orlando. 

Since 2021, the Heartbeat of Healthcare Supply Chain Award has sought to recognize the dedicated professionals and groups that have been quietly improving patient care, accelerating innovation, and building resilience across their communities. This annual award acknowledges two vital players in the healthcare industry: providers and suppliers.  

In the spirit of the awards being industrywide, the provider award will be announced this fall at the AHRMM conference in Columbus, Ohio.  

STAQ Pharma was recognized for revolutionizing the healthcare supply chain by addressing one of its most pressing challenges: drug shortages. The company has not only established strong partnerships with hospitals but also fostered a trusted facility with an outstanding reputation in the healthcare industry. 

One example from their nomination form sums up the impact it has on patients, big and small. STAQ joined forces with Angels for Change to address drug shortages within pediatrics. They created Project Protect and, in 90 days, manufactured nearly 40,000 medicine units – and hospitals used these drugs to administer more than 140,000 life-saving essential treatments. 

Congratulations to STAQ Pharma on winning the Heartbeat of Healthcare Award for Suppliers, and we look forward to honoring the provider winner this fall.