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Chip Kahn

Bill Carpenter Receives FAH’s Mike Bromberg Lifetime Achievement Award

The Federation of American Hospitals was honored to give its Mike Bromberg Lifetime Achievement Award to LifePoint Health’s Bill Carpenter Tuesday morning.

Health care and the very lives of millions of rural Americans have been improved by Bill’s leadership and vision.

Bill has been at LifePoint since its inception nearly 20 years ago and took over as CEO in 2006. During that time, he has been the driving force behind the company’s mission of Making Communities Healthier and his leadership has ensured that patients in rural areas have access to high quality health care close to home, no matter where that home is.

To achieve this, Bill led LifePoint’s efforts to advance lifesaving innovations and forge meaningful partnerships between hospitals and the communities they serve.

All those significant achievements were recognized earlier this year when LifePoint won what many consider the Oscar of health care awards – the Eisenberg Award for Innovation in Patient Safety recognizing the company’s National Quality Program.

Bill reflects many qualities with the namesake of the award he is being given today. Mike Bromberg, who led the Federation for 25 years, stood for a commitment to quality health care and access to hospitals for all Americans.

We in the FAH community sincerely congratulate Bill on receiving this much deserved award.