Hospital Integration

Going Beyond the Four Hospital Walls – HCA Healthcare’s Sam Hazen Discusses Future of Patient Care

Patient care is changing. No longer do you need to be within the four walls of the hospital to receive high-quality care from your doctor. From free standing emergency rooms to outpatient clinics, your community hospital is bringing care to you. In this episode, Sam and Chip discuss how hospitals are extending their reach into neighborhoods and rapidly becoming much more dynamic places to receive care. It is all part of a growing effort to meet patient expectations of having the best care, close to home.

David Vandewater Discusses How Partnerships Are Improving Health Care for Americans

As the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. David Vandewater, President and CEO of Ardent Health Services, explores how the company is forming partnerships with other hospitals and health systems to better serve patients. These partnerships are ensuring access to high-quality health care for communities across the country. Listen in as he and Chip talk about how hospital partnerships are key to improving health care for patients and essential for bringing new doctors and jobs to communities.


Ron Rittenmeyer Discusses How Hospitals Are Changing the Continuum of Care

Right care, right time, right place — it’s something that Ron Rittenmeyer, Executive Chairman and CEO of Tenet Healthcare, thinks about a lot. Hospitals are changing and patients have more options than ever on where they want to receive care. In this episode, Chip dives in with Ron on why Tenet Healthcare is focusing on the new ways they are able to deliver care to patients. Free standing emergency departments, outpatient departments and urgent care centers are filling needs in communities coast to coast because, like Ron says, not everything needs to be done at a hospital. Listen in to find out how hospitals are integrating these settings into the continuum of care for patients and raising the quality of care in the process.