Health Equity


Advancing Health Equity: Dispelling Health Care Myths With Dr. Thomas LaVeist

How are America’s health care providers building trust with Black patients after years of historic racism? With time, says Dr. Thomas LaVeist. The Dean of the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine joined Chip to discuss dispelling health care myths around Covid-19, how we can ensure vaccines are fairly allocated, and what we can learn for the next health emergency. These things are all a part of Dr. LaVeist’s program The Skin You’re In.

Advancing Health Equity: Bridging Social Gaps in Health Care With Dr. Chidinma A. Ibe

Community health workers play a vital role in helping end racial disparities in our health care system. They break down barriers by fostering better relationships between the community and their health care providers. Dr. Chidinma A. Ibe is the Assistant Professor of General Internal Medicine and Health, Behavior and Society at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She joined Chip to discuss the growing importance of these workers and how we can better support them.