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Workforce | Sean Brown

FAH Announces 2023 Heartbeat of Healthcare Awards Winners

LAS VEGAS: While clinicians deservedly receive appropriate recognition for their tireless efforts to support patient populations across the country, their colleagues in supply chain are often behind the scenes and rarely receive the same level of credit for the heroic work they do – providing invaluable services to their clinicians and communities.

Since 2021, the Heartbeat of Healthcare Supply Chain Award has sought to recognize these dedicated professionals and groups that have been quietly improving patient care, accelerating innovation, and building resilience across their communities. This annual award acknowledges two vital players in the health care industry: providers and suppliers. 

The 2023 winners of the Heartbeat of Healthcare Award were announced on March 6th during the FAH Annual Conference and Business Exposition. 

Congratulations to the providers’ winner, the NewYork-Presbyterian Talent Acquisition team and the suppliers’ winner, The Product Disruption Manager Platform from PINC AI, a Premier, INC company! 

Nominators for the NewYork-Presbyterian Talent Acquisition team said the winners have “a longstanding commitment to understanding the needs of its community.” In doing so, the team collaborates with community-based organizations, chambers of commerce, faith-based organizations, community groups, and residents to address local issues through a range of innovative programs and services. 

The NewYork-Presbyterian Talent Acquisition team partnered with several non-profit organizations to increase the talent pipeline and solve two health care challenges: address the staffing shortage and embrace the resettlement of refugees that were formerly health care professionals, but unable to work in their respective fields in the U.S. 

Their outreach can act as a model for the broader health care field and one that addresses staffing needs by engaging a new, diverse pool of talent that equips health care organizations to have a greater, more equitable impact on health access and outcomes in underserved communities while offering alternative career pathways for immigrants with international credentials and experience.  

The supplier award recognizes the Product Disruption Manager Platform from PINC AI, a Premier, INC company, which is harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) to provide clinical, financial and operational insights to build transferable, scalable solutions through the creation of a tool that is successfully predicting product shortages at the SKU level up to 6 weeks before they actually occur with tremendous accuracy.  The tool then provides alternative options so disruptions to clinical care can be minimized or eliminated.    

PINC AI’s ability to offer insights to develop better treatment options, improve both patient and clinician experiences, and reduce the overall cost of care is critically needed and powerful.   

Congratulations to all 18 of the 2023 Heartbeat of Healthcare nominees and especially to this year’s award winners!