The Truth: Site-Neutral Policy will Harm Patients and Hospitals

So called “site-neutral” payments jeopardize access to care for patients and communities, as well as undermine the health care safety net. These policies do not take into account one simple fact: hospitals and physician practices are not the same, not even close.

Under this ill-conceived “site-neutral” policy, Medicare payments for outpatient hospital care are cut in order to match payment rates for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) and physician practices. Hospitals, unlike these other settings, provide 24/7 care, treat sicker patients, and have stricter compliance standards.

Notably, this policy:

Neglects the unique role of hospitals in providing critical services – from emergency care to disaster response.
Overlooks the higher complexity of patients treated in hospital outpatient departments.
Ignores the regulatory and compliance burden on hospitals.
Disregards cost differences placed on hospitals due to functional and structural variations.
Undermines investment in community health care infrastructure.

Implementing so called “site-neutral” payment policies would be harmful for patients and the hospitals that serve them. Learn more below.

Site-Neutral = Medicare Cuts

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