Modernizing the HCAHPS Survey

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Throughout the history of U.S. health care, the voice of the patient has rarely been solicited and often has gone unheard.

For a very long time it was not collected in any systematic or standardized way. This was challenged first in 1997 and again in 2008 with the advent of two new nationally administered surveys; the first for health plan consumers and the latter for hospital patients. Over the course of a short decade the patient’s voice went from whisper to a roar. Continue reading …

Modernizing the HCAHPS Survey: Recommendations from Patient Experience Leaders

The HCAHPS Redesign Test – Bill McInturff, Micah Roberts

The HCAHPS Redesign Test Executive Summary

The Executive Summary of The HCAHPS Redesign Test – Bill McInturff, Micah Roberts

Demonstration: Strengthening and Improving HCAHPS Patient Experience Surveying

Today, Bill McInturff and Micah Roberts, Partners at Public Opinion Strategies, are unveiling a groundbreaking report demonstrating how the HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) patient experience survey can be recast and improved. The report, sponsored by the Federation of American Hospitals, concludes that, even though the HCAHPS survey has a solid track record, it can be strengthened to better reflect changing patient care and varying patient social backgrounds and medical literacy. The demonstration also found that an online option to administer the survey can work well for many patients and likely increase response rates. Continue reading …

New Report Shows Benefit of Modernizing HCAHPS Patient Experience Survey

Today, five major hospital associations released Modernizing the HCAHPS Survey: Recommendations from Patient Experience Leaders, a paper that explores how to update patient experience surveying to best improve patient care. The HCAHPS (the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) is a 32-question patient satisfaction survey required by CMS for all U.S. hospitals. Researchers found that response rates to the HCAHPS survey are falling and that after ten years in the field, the survey needs a refresh. Continue reading …

Version 13 of the HCAHPS Survey

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