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Hospitals In Focus with Chip Kahn

Hospitals In Focus with Chip Kahn is a podcast series from the Federation of American Hospitals. This podcast shines a light on everything hospitals; from the advancements in patient care to how a hospital benefits its community. FAH President and CEO, Chip Kahn explores with experts in the field topics like using big data to save lives and how hospitals prepare for disasters.

Weaponizing Information: What Happens When We Lose Trust in Science

Measles, eradicated in the United States in 2000, is making a comeback. Meanwhile, an estimated 300,000 people died from COVID-19 in cases that could have been prevented through vaccination. Why are we seeing an uptick […]

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In the Advancing Health Equity series experts discuss how things like living conditions, language barriers, transportation impediments and poor access to technology impact people’s health. Each in-depth conversation explores the role of hospitals, as well as how current practices and policies can be shaped to overturn current disparities and achieve greater health equity across race and ethnic lines… LISTEN NOW

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The Future of Medicine: AI’s Role in Health Care

Artificial intelligence (AI) is dominating headlines and conversations, from how it will change our day-to-day routines to the debate on how far regulation of the ever-changing technology should go. AI’s impact on health care is … Listen now


Overpromised & Under-Delivered: Is Maryland a Model or a Warning Sign?

Maryland’s 50-year experiment with the hospital rate-setting system stands out as a unique and long-lasting initiative – but has it accomplished its goal of reducing health care costs? This rate-setting scheme has been sustained due … Listen now


A Global Perspective on the Growing Cyber Threats Facing Health Care

Cybersecurity is a central part of every nation’s infrastructure – especially when it comes to health care.   The availability and free flow of health information is critical to providing care. Unfortunately, patient information isn’t just … Listen now


The Rising Popularity of Medicare Advantage and Its Impact on Seniors and Caregivers

With zero-dollar premiums, caps on out-of-pocket costs, and perks that range from meal delivery to gym memberships – even loaded debit cards – membership in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans is surging in enrollment and popularity … Listen now


The Anatomy of a Cyberattack: Hospitals Respond to Growing Threat from Hackers

The recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare exposed fissures in the American health care system that are still reverberating – impacting patients and providers alike months after it was exposed. As hospitals, physicians, and other providers … Listen now


The Health Coverage Cliff and Efforts to Protect Patients’ Access to Care

Good health care depends on good health coverage, particularly for the most vulnerable. The Affordable Care Act expanded Medicaid eligibility and created exchanges where many Americans could access health insurance, often at a subsidized price. … Listen now


Navigating the Change Healthcare Fallout: An Insider’s Look

The Change Healthcare cyberattack on February 21st upended a huge slice of the U.S. health care system, virtually crippling all aspects of the patient care continuum when the clearinghouse’s services were hacked. That is because … Listen now


Throwing a Lifeline to Lifesaving Care in Rural America

There are two Americas – rural and urban – particularly when you look at access to health care.   With roughly 60 million people, or one in five Americans, living in small communities from coast to … Listen now