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Hospitals In Focus with Chip Kahn

Hospitals In Focus with Chip Kahn is a podcast series from the Federation of American Hospitals. This podcast shines a light on everything hospitals; from the advancements in patient care to how a hospital benefits its community. FAH President and CEO, Chip Kahn explores with experts in the field topics like using big data to save lives and how hospitals prepare for disasters.

Federal Trade Commission’s Growing Impact on Health Care

In this episode: Why non-compete clauses are important in health care setting. How proposed rule from Federal Trade Commission (FTC) banning employers from using non-compete clauses on employees could impact patients’ access to care. The […]

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In the Advancing Health Equity series experts discuss how things like living conditions, language barriers, transportation impediments and poor access to technology impact people’s health. Each in-depth conversation explores the role of hospitals, as well as how current practices and policies can be shaped to overturn current disparities and achieve greater health equity across race and ethnic lines… LISTEN NOW

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The Future of Health Care Policy in a Divided Congress with Newt Gingrich

In this episode, Chip meets with former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, to discuss: What are the prospects of McCarthy Speakership? Functionality of Washington with divided government?    Comparing similarities/differences between the House in … Listen now


Impact of Medicare Advantage (MA) Abuse on Seniors with Sunitha Reddy

In this episode: What is Medicare Advantage (MA)? We examine the roots of this supplementary private health insurance coverage for seniors and its explosive growth, which now includes almost half of all Medicare beneficiaries (more … Listen now


Protecting Access to Care in Rural America with Brock Slabach

In this episode:  We’ll discuss the major stresses and challenges facing rural hospitals, including geography, patient mix, a growing workforce crisis, and funding shortfalls.    Since 2010, 140 rural hospitals have closed, including 25 since the … Listen now


The Joint Commission’s Future

In this episode: The Joint Commission’s role in working to reduce the health care workforce shortage. How TJC is addressing health equity moving forward. How hospital measurement is used to assure patients that their hospitals … Listen now


Cancer Care Close to Home

In this episode: How the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute’s integrated care model allows for high quality patient care close to home. The research being done at Sarah Cannon, including finding the potential cure for sickle cell disease. … Listen now


Patient Care at Hospitals After Roe V Wade Overturned

The overturning of Roe V Wade has far reaching implications for hospitals and health care providers. Hospitals have a duty to care for every patient that walks through their emergency room, however that care may … Listen now


New Doctors Caring for Their Hometowns Plus Making the Rounds: From Firefighter to Nurse of the Year

Our country is facing a doctor shortage of nearly 124,000 physicians in just 2 years and the impact on patient access could be devastating. The problem is especially acute in economically disadvantaged areas, like California’s … Listen now


COVID-19: Hospital’s New Normal

Hospitals have learned a lot about treating COVID-19 since the world first learned of the novel disease at the end of 2019. Integrated hospital systems worked together to share knowledge and best practices to treat … Listen now