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Hospitals In Focus with Chip Kahn

Hospitals In Focus with Chip Kahn is a podcast series from the Federation of American Hospitals. This podcast shines a light on everything hospitals; from the advancements in patient care to how a hospital benefits its community. FAH President and CEO, Chip Kahn explores with experts in the field topics like using big data to save lives and how hospitals prepare for disasters.

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The Survival of the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has just survived its most recent challenge at the Supreme Court. We wanted to hear both its incredible history of survival in the courts and the basic tenets of the

In the Advancing Health Equity series experts discuss how things like living conditions, language barriers, transportation impediments and poor access to technology impact people’s health. Each in-depth conversation explores the role of hospitals, as well as how current practices and policies can be shaped to overturn current disparities and achieve greater health equity across race and ethnic lines… LISTEN NOW

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The Policy Implications of Medicare at 60

Medicare at 60 sounds simple enough – but is it? Chip asked expert, Dr. Lanhee Chen, on this episode to explain his latest research exploring the potential policy and its complications. Chip and Lanhee explore … Listen now


The Impact of COVID-19 on Value-Based Reporting with Dr. Ken Sands

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed health care in unimaginable ways and some of the true effects are still unfolding. In this episode Chip is joined by Dr. Ken Sands – the Chief Epidemiologist at HCA … Listen now


Making the Rounds: Nursing on the Front Lines with Roxy Hinojosa

Inaugural episode of Making the Rounds begins with Roxy Hinojosa. She is a nurse at Mission Regional Medical Center in Texas. Roxy shares with Chip how she began her nursing career, what the profession means … Listen now


Better Data, Better Outcomes: New Data is Changing Care at Inpatient Rehab Facilities

COVID has drastically changed the health care delivery system, perhaps even permanently. Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (IRFs), like those operated by Encompass Health, stepped up during the pandemic by partnering with acute care hospitals to help … Listen now


Surviving COVID: How Physicians are Providing Vital Care and Keeping Practices Open

Patients often form strong and long-lasting bonds with their care providers and COVID-19 has drastically altered that ever-important doctor-patient relationship. Visits have moved online and fear of the virus has some patients skipping care altogether. … Listen now


How Ingenuity and Innovation Helped a Hotspot Hospital Save Lives During COVID Surge

Just a few weeks ago, COVID was ravaging hospitals across the country as cases were surging following the December holidays. St. Francis Medical Center is already one of Los Angeles County’s busiest trauma centers. During … Listen now


The Role of Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals During COVID-19 and Beyond with Ben Breier

Long-term acute care (LTAC) hospitals are caring for the some of the most medically complex patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a post-acute care provider, Kindred Healthcare has been right in the middle of the battle to … Listen now


COVID-19: A Year Later with Dr. Jonathan Perlin

It has been over a year since COVID-19 has disrupted life for Americans and everyone around the globe. We checked in with regular guest of the pod, Dr. Jonathan Perlin, to find out how HCA … Listen now


What the Nation Could Learn From ACA Health Coverage Expansion in California With Peter Lee

The ACA is starting a new era with President Biden at the helm of a new administration. We wanted to hear about what happens when a state not only fully embraces the ACA but keeps … Listen now


Building Biden’s Health Agenda With Chris Jennings and Doug Badger

Two health policy experts joined Chip to discuss the new Biden administration’s approach to developing and implementing health policy. With COVID-19 raging across the country, Chris Jennings and Doug Badger touch on Biden’s first 100 … Listen now


The ACA, Your Hospital, and the Supreme Court With Larry Levitt

The ACA is once again in front of the Supreme Court and a decision on its future will be likely handed down in June 2021. In the meantime, Larry Levitt joined Chip to discuss the … Listen now


Advancing Health Equity: Dispelling Health Care Myths With Dr. Thomas LaVeist

How are America’s health care providers building trust with Black patients after years of historic racism? With time, says Dr. Thomas LaVeist. The Dean of the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine joined … Listen now