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The FAH Issues An Official Statement in Response to U.S. Supreme Court Decision to Hear the King v.

November 07, 2014 | FAH Hospital Policy Blog

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Charles N. Kahn III, President and CEO of the Federation of American Hospitals, issued the following statement regarding the U.S. Supreme Court Decision to Hear the King v. Burwell case:

“The Supreme Court’s decision to hear the King v. Burwell case should be taken at face value and not construed as indicating that the High Court desires to strike federal subsidies for people in states which have federally facilitated Marketplaces.

Clearly, Congress intended the Affordable Care Act to expand coverage as broadly as possible, and for subsidies for purchasing Marketplace-based coverage to be available to every eligible citizen in the United States.

We are confident that the Supreme Court will recognize and uphold Congressional intent and prevent subsidies from being denied to eligible people based upon where they live.  Its decision to hear the appeal during its current term simply means that this confirmation will come sooner rather than later.”