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FAH, Member Company Participate in Red Tape Relief Roundtable

The House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee held a Red Tape Relief Initiative roundtable earlier this week focused reducing regulatory burdens on hospitals.

Committee leaders framed this as a unique chance for Members to hear from industry professionals about how Congress can improve Medicare so that it works more effectively for both patients and medical providers.

FAH President and CEO Chip Kahn was there alongside Dr. Christopher Ott, HCA Physician Services Group’s chief medical officer.

Dr. Ott addressed the bipartisan group of Committee Members highlighting two main Medicare issues – the redesign of the programs hospital value-based programs and MedPAC’s recent recommendations regarding standalone emergency department (ED) services.

In regard to hospital value-base programs, Dr. Ott pointed out that FAH general supports efforts to reduce the number of measures, eliminate burden and focus on measures that are meaningful to patients and providers. However, he pointed out that many quality measures are behind the times.

When discussing MedPAC’s recent stand-alone ED policy recommendations, Dr. Ott supported the flexibility given to rural facilities, but outlined serious concerns with the possible rules for urban EDs. He told legislators that the proposed changes could lead to diminished access points and treatment options for patients.

Many of the points highlighted by Dr. Ott are echoed in a letter FAH sent to Ways and Means Committee leaders last year on the topic of red tape relief. You can read that complete letter here.

The roundtable is part of the three part process outlined by the committee that is supposed to ultimately culminate with Congressional action.