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FAH Leader Reacts to House Passage of AHCA

“Republicans have set their sights on repealing and replacing the ACA so today’s vote is disappointing, but not surprising. As passed by the House of Representatives, the AHCA fails to protect the health coverage and access to care for so many Americans. It also makes it more difficult for hospitals to deliver the care we all rely on. With these concerns top of mind, FAH could not support the House legislation today.

“We are committed to engaging in a forward looking dialogue with policymakers as the process moves to the Senate.

“As caregivers our policy goals are simple: to ensure that the health care delivery and financing legislation improves access to health coverage for Americans with individual insurance; protects and strengthens the Medicaid program for the most vulnerable — especially in rural areas where more people depend on the program; and restores needed Medicare funding so community hospitals have sufficient resources to continue to deliver high quality care to seniors, the disabled, and the uninsured among us.”