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FAH Leader Looks to the Future of Value-Based Payment in New Health Affairs Blog

August 11, 2017 | Chip Kahn


Today, Health Affairs published a new blog authored by Federation of American Hospitals’ President and CEO Chip Kahn entitled The Future of Value-Based Payment – Time to Reexamine and Refocus Our Efforts. It looks critically at current hospital payment programs and outlines the challenges that should be addressed to ensure the continued advancement of better and more efficient care across the health care delivery system.

“If we strictly adhere to the current path, Medicare performance measurement could become an exercise in mandated compliance rather than actual performance improvement. Now is the time for stakeholders across the health care sector – from patients to providers to payers to regulators – to pause, reexamine, and refocus our efforts. The refocus begins with targeting measurement to capture what matters most, minimizing burden, and adapting to a transforming delivery system that strives to clinically integrate care,” Kahn wrote.

In the blog, he outlined three areas of focus - measures that matter, return on investment (ROI), and meaningful reporting.

“Taking our experience with measurement, reporting, and pay-for-value programs thus far, we need to engage in the hard work of determining which elements of these programs move us closer to our quality and cost goals and improve our ROI. Only those elements that move us in the right direction should remain and then be aligned to the extent possible across payers and providers.”

Kahn added, “The logical next step in this effort is to acknowledge the need for collaboration across the continuum – payers, patients, providers, regulators – and to develop a platform for moving forward.”

You can read the entire blog by clicking here.