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FAH Leader Applauds Administration’s Regulatory Reform Efforts, Submits Recommendations

 “When regulations start hindering care instead of helping people – we have a problem.

“Caregiver focus should be on the patient, not outdated or ineffective bureaucratic mandates.

“The letter we are sending today highlights action that HHS could take to implement regulatory reform across a variety of areas, including alternative payment models, Medicaid, hospital and post-acute payment policies, and quality measurement and reporting.  For example, HHS should ensure that the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) acts only within its designated authority to voluntarily test alternative payment models, not make permanent or mandatory changes to the Medicare program. HHS also should indefinitely suspend the troubled Hospital Star Ratings system while the Agency collaborates with stakeholders on appropriate risk adjustment. Additionally, HHS should provide hospitals with flexibility to relocate their provider-based departments to meet community needs and still retain hospital outpatient payments.”

“FAH members believe a comprehensive review and repeal or revision of regulations that are obsolete, ineffective, or otherwise overly onerous will further our shared goals of improving health outcomes and efficiencies in care delivery.”

“We appreciate the Trump Administration asking for our input and the leadership of the President, Secretary Price and Administrator Verma on this issue. This executive order is has started a critically important dialogue that we hope will ultimately improve the quality of care for patients.”

You can click here to read the letter.