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FAH Comments on Choice and Competition in the Health Care Marketplace

Today, the Federation of American Hospitals responded to a Department of Health and Human Services Request for Information (RFI) on how to promote choice and competition in the health care marketplace.  The RFI was issued in response to the President’s Executive Order issued in October 2017, requiring the Secretary of HHS to provide a report to the President detailing the extent to which current law, regulations and policies fail to promote choice and competition. 

The FAH thanked the Department for taking an expansive look at all the factors that both encourage and discourage choice and competition in the health care market, noting that state and federal laws, regulations, guidance, requirements and policies are often at the core of what limits the full potential of a competitive marketplace.  In addition to current regulatory and policy barriers outlined in the letter, the FAH noted that in order to increase choice and competition, policymakers must address persistent Medicare and Medicaid payment shortfalls. 

The FAH’s full comments can be viewed here.