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Investing in Passion – Patient Care in Haiti

November 27, 2013 | FAH Hospital Policy Blog

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One of FAH’s member hospital companies, RegionalCare Hospital Partners, is expanding their practice to an unexpected place - Thomazeau, Haiti. RegionalCare partnered with Nashville based disaster relief non-profit LiveBeyond and is scheduled to break ground on a new hospital in Haiti at the beginning of 2014. RegionalCare has already sponsored four group volunteer trips to Thomazeau and is set to send ten more groups to Haiti in 2014, reports E.J. Boyer of the Nashville Business Journal. As the hospital is being built, LiveBeyond and RegionalCare have been operating a makeshift clinic in Thomazeau, focusing on dental, wound and maternity care.

During difficult financial times, hospitals across the country are facing harsh budget cuts and struggling to do more with less. So what is driving this Brentwood based hospital to build a new hospital and send its doctors, clinicians, staff and even senior leadership to Haiti for weeks at a time? RegionalCare believes in harnessing its employees’ passion to expand their mission; in turn, they believe it will create a stronger, more effective, high-quality care system at home.

Jeff Atwood, vice president of communications at RegionalCare explains:

“If we invest in our employees and allow them to invest in their passion … it will translate to high-quality hospitals,” he said. “If we do the right thing, people will want to work for us.”

Hospitals’ number one priority is to provide the highest quality health care for their patients. RegionalCare embodies this principle and believes that by investing in its employees to pursue their passions abroad, they can create a positive work environment at home that directly benefits their patients in the U.S.

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