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Altarum to Host Symposium Exploring US Health Care Spending

July 14, 2014 | FAH Hospital Policy Blog

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Tomorrow, the Altarum Institute will host a Symposium titled “Sustainable US Health Spending: The Quest for Value.” The Altarum Institute is a leading voice for accurate and timely information on critical health care economic issues, and the FAH commends it for hosting this symposium on such an important topic in today’s health care marketplace.

The historic slowdown in health care spending is enduring, with the latest data from the BEA showing a decrease in spending in Q1 of -1.4%. Two studies conducted by the independent health economics and policy research firm Dobson | DaVanzo in 2013 and 2014, respectively, show that this trend is foundational, rooted in the structural changes occurring across the industry, and could yield further substantial savings. The March 2014 study projects an additional $900 billion in Medicare savings is possible beyond Congressional Budget Office estimates if the positive structural dynamics at play are allowed to continue without interruption.

Altarum’s symposium on health care spending will facilitate a dialogue with many leading voices across the health care arena, explore this national spending slowdown trend, and discuss what the future holds for spending growth and efficiency in this critical sector of our economy.